Portable Pattern Love

If you’ve read recent posts what follows goes totally against what I’ve been trying to accomplish — finishing projects already on the needles. Recently I ordered the Dish Towel Kit on Knit Picks. The yarn is Dishie (cotton) and I chose the “soft” colors: brown, off-white, yellow, pink, light green — plus I added a brighter peachy color called “conch”. After one evening of knitting, I think I can safely say that this is now my go to “take along” project. The pattern is so pretty and sooo easy to memorize. Instead of a dish towel, I decided to do a smaller sample version – and am making a facecloth out of the conch (with a brown stripe) for myself. Love the color, love the pattern, love love love. Showed my husband this morning (after he commented on the box of dishie yarn on the floor of our bedroom) and HE loved it. I think these towels will be great Christmas gifts this year. Have not worked with cotton in quite awhile. It doesn’t stretch – and so it feels a bit odd at first – hard to get used to. But the results are great. Dishie is machine washable and dryable – bonus!!

Don’t have a great photo yet, but will soon!

I also recently purchased (through Knit Picks – am on a Knit Picks obsession right now) a pattern for a blanket made of Wool of the Andes Worsted in the Victorian color way. This is for my niece. Have not started it yet. It’s a bit of a fussy pattern, and I’m just not up for it yet. Maybe once fall rolls around. Who knows. It will be lovely. My son wants his blanket too. After much deliberation, we settled on an American flag. It meant buying a bit more yarn in navy blue (I’m on a yarn diet now – probably didn’t mention that!). I found a free pattern online that looks like something I can handle and will start on that soon. It’s a crochet pattern so it will be quick, I hope, and will use my newly improved skills. I have the white and red. It was originally going to be red, white and black for the Carolina Hurricanes. Then I mentioned I could do an Italian flag – and then he asked for the American flag! So there we are. A bit less painful than the process with my daughter’s blanket to say the least!

Plus my daughter is now into giraffes. And continuing with the Knit Picks theme, I purchased a pattern and yarn for Mango the Giraffe. I picked out different colors, but he is the cutest thing. I showed her the pattern and she loves it! I hope to have that done by the time she heads back to school in the fall!

You can probably see now why a yarn diet is in order! My husband has made note of all the boxes piling up in the guest room and garage!! He buys a lot of wine though – but I do help drink that! He doesn’t help much in the stash reduction area – but he is supportive and always likes whatever I make!

Have a great knitting weekend!! Looking forward to working with some bright springy beautiful colors!

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