Better Late?

Late again this week for Yarn Along!

I accepted a new position on Monday. Will still be at my current employer (a prestigious University in the southeast) but moving to a new department effective June 1st. Exciting. But I’ll miss my current co-workers who have become very good friends.

I finished up my sample Dishie cloth.

wash cloth

It looks lop-sided and like a bit of a hot mess. But I like it. I’m going to run it through the washer and dryer this weekend and see how it fares. I’ve started a hand-towel sized project in the light yellow. Will be my take along project, so not sure how much work will get done on it in the near future.

Working hard on the Saroyan scarf for my boss. With real focus, I could finish in two days – but surely will this weekend. Then onto the baby vest. I’m trying to prioritize – but I get side-tracked. And my son wants me to work on nothing but his blanket. Which in terms of size and time may end up being a real bear! I have no where near enough yarn for this blanket. Knit Picks will love me. They should rename the company after me at this point with all the $$ I’ve spent there recently! I’m sure they’d beg to differ!! 😉

Also big shout out for great customer services at The Loopy Ewe! They rock! I purchased my yarn for the Saroyan from them a few months back. I was going to order another skein, but they were out of stock. I contacted them about it, and they responded promptly with an offer to do a special order! Great service if you ask me. Looking forward to Camp Loopy this summer – just because I need another project or two to distract me from what I’m already working on!

I started reading “Her Fearful Symmetry” by Audrey Niffenegger (who wrote The Time Traveler’s Wife – which I LOVED). It’s holding my attention, which says a lot these days. So far, so good!

3 thoughts on “Better Late?

    • Leslie, you’re so right about the knitting. It really helps me relax and keep calm! If I only I could whip it out during meetings at work!

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