An FO!

Last weekend I focused on one thing: finishing up the Saroyan scarf for my director. I finished the knitting late Friday night (actually Saturday morning!) and then wove in the ends and blocked it the next day. The first thing I did before blocking was to stretch it out on the floor of my bedroom to get a good look at the whole thing. And sure enough:

Scotch with Scarf

So it’s now “Pre-loved”. He scrunched it up for comfort, but thankfully did not use his claws! So here it is post-blocking. My fears about it being too short were all for naught. I stretched quite a bit during the soak and when I laid it out to dry. It doesn’t have a “stretched out” look either. Looks just right.

MR scarf done

Very pleased. Not sure when I’ll be giving it to her yet, but it’s ready whenever. So I started on the Argyle Vest that I’m making for a co-worker whose wife is due in July. The pattern is from “60 More Quick Baby Knits”. I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. This little number is so cute, and so far it’s going well. Here’s an update from after I finished knitting last night:

vest 2

Too cute.

Have not worked on the Flag Blanket for my son since last week. I have one stripe done. I had to order a bunch more yarn (see last post!) and it is now on its way to me. Here’s my progress so far. Really want to knock out the baby vest before doing too much more on this blanket.

flag blanket `

When he sees me working on something else he asks ” Aren’t you supposed to be working on my blanket?!” Hopefully he’ll have it by the time the weather turns chilly again!

Long car trip coming up — going to pick up my daughter after her first year in college! Need to figure out what knitting or crocheting to bring. Can’t be anything fussy. Maybe I’ll end up working on the flag blanket this week after all!!

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