Where has summer gone?

My goodness it has been a LONG time since my last post. I thought I’d be getting back on track after I posted in early July, but I guess not!

I’m still trucking along with Camp Loopy. I did project #2 with time to spare. Not in love with it, but I think it’s because the yarn wasn’t right for the project, so it’s not really “drapey”. This picture is before blocking:

hitch Hiker2

After I finished that, I knit up two quick hats for my daughter’s best friends to take to college. The first was an “Owl” hat (pattern on Ravelry) that is just too cute. And, it’s a perfect fit for the recipient in size and style. She is just too cute!!


The second was the “Flower Bud Beanie” – also on Ravelry. This one I did in a deep red. It’s so cute. I chose red because she is going to Cornell this fall and thought it would be fitting. It looks super cute on her and she told me she LOVES it!!

flower bud

At some point this summer, I finished up the coasters I made for my daughter’s new apartment. I may have posted a picture earlier, but here they are again anyway . . .

UT Coasters

We moved her in a couple of weeks ago now, and they are prominently displayed on the coffee table!!

So now I’m working on (and have been for all of August) my Camp Loopy #3 project. It had to be at least 800 yards. Mine is not done yet, but is close 900 already. I knew it would be bigger. I challenged myself to knit “Folded” a beautiful sweater pattern. Using Dream in Color Smooshy in Happy Forest. I knew it would be tough to finish in one month – particularly a month that included moving my daughter back to Tennessee and school starting. It’s not looking good. Although I have joined the sleeves to the body, and am decreasing like crazy – just not sure it will be done by Saturday night. Here ‘s a picture from a couple of days ago . .


It will be done soon and will look lovely, but I’m skeptical about finishing in time for the Camp Loopy deadline. We’ll see. I do have a weekend ALL TO MYSELF coming up – but have other house projects I need to work on as well.

One cute FO I did while on vacation (and needing a break from the sweater) was to knit this little goody that came in a Camp Loopy order when I reached a certain purchase level. It only took a couple hours to knit – and I gave it to Anna who is using it in her new bedroom.

Loopy ewe wrap

These would be great little gifts to give at the holidays, right?

Well, I’m promising myself I will write again soon. I want to post a bit more about my Folded – and one vexing issue I came across last night!

Also, I think I have a yarn diet coming up. My stash is huge!! My husband and son have started teasing me about it!! One of my weekend projects is to set up a “craft area” in our guest room. And to update my Ravelry stash. I’m weak when it comes to beautiful yarns – aren’t we all??

One thought on “Where has summer gone?

  1. Oh heck yes – you can get that sweater done by Saturday night! It’s real pretty. I love that owl hat! And that cute little jar cozy? That is definitely a great Christmas idea.

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