Finished the Folded

And here it is . . .

Finished FOlded

I finished on Sunday September 1st at around 3:30pm. It’s a bit big on me – but that will make it nice and cozy for the fall and winter. And there is a lesson on gauge in there somewhere.

I made two major modifications. One is the “Fold” row – on that row I gathered the stitches rather than folding. I was trying to knit fast and the fold wasn’t working out for me. So I gathered and think it looks very nice that way. Very similar to the fold. The second modification was the neckline. I did not follow the instructions for shaping the yoke. I did a K2P2 rib that mirrors the cuffs and hem. The neck opening is pretty wide – should have decreased a bit more perhaps before doing the rib. But, overall I’m very pleased.

So now onto the American Flag afghan for my son. 3 1/2 stripes down. I lost about an hour of crocheting time on Monday night – the hook I was using literally disappeared. Finally found it! Phew!! Will post an updated picture soon.

As for reading, I picked up “Trans Sister Radio” by Chris Bohjalian (I hope I spelled his name right!) while I was in Vermont. He’s a Vermont writer. It’s pretty good. I’ve also been listening to the old CBS Radio Mystery Theater stories at night – streaming from the internet. I used to listen to these on my battery powered AM/FM radio when I was in high school. Fun stories. Very nostalgic.

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