Yarn Diet and a Conference

I can’t put it off any longer. The size of my stash keeps growing, and I’m starting to get comments about it from my family. MORE YARN?? they ask when another order arrives at our door. Even I have started to think it might be getting out of hand. So a yarn diet is in order.

In preparation, I made a nice big order from Knit Picks. There are some projects I have in mind that I did need specific yarn for, and I want to be prepared.


My goal is to start small – six months. That may give me some time to make a dent in my stash. Of course, I’m not the worlds fastest knitter!! I will still have some new yarn coming into my life. I have two more months in the Mad About Tosh Club (Twisted Knitter) and three months of SweetGeorgia Yarns sock yarn club. All paid for already. The biggest test will be when I go to the TKGA conference in October – I know I’ll have to cave and buy some yarn there. But that’s a real special occacion!

The TKGA Fall Conference is in Concord, NC this year – about two and half hours away. I was able to work out two days off from work to go, and am so looking forward to it. I’ll leave on a Wednesday (Oct 2nd) and have two full days of classes on Oct 3 and 4. I’m taking classes on Continental Knitting, Double Knitting, Fixing Mistakes and making cable stitches without a cable needle. Of course, there will be a market and I’m looking forward to that too. I have my hotel room all booked – having a nice hotel room all to myself will also be a treat!

Wednesday that week the classes are devoted to working on the TKGA Masters Program. I still plan to do that, but don’t feel I’m far enough along to make going to the class worth it. Maybe next year. Of course, who knows where the conference will be then. I’m just really psyched about this. I’ll try to take a lot of pictures. It’s going to be amazing to spend two full days hanging and visiting with other knitters. I do need knitting friends.

Although my main project these days is the American Flag Afghan (such slow going. Just started the fifth stripe today) — I did start a little sock project to carry along with me. I dug through the stash to find some really “fall-ish” yarn and found just what I was looking for – although I took the ball band off it at some point and I have no idea what it is!! But I love it, and the sock has a nice squishy quality to it. Here it is posing with my new Della Q small project bag…


Still reading “Trans Sister Radio” but have also started reading “Vegan Before Six” by Mark Bittman.

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