One FO and New Yarn

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been working mostly on the American Flag Afghan. I’ve gotten to the blue part – am probably about half way through the flag. Problem is . . . I’ve got so many projects I want to work on — am getting easily distracted.

For instance, I took a short break and made this headband . . .

Head band

The pattern is in “HeadBand Love 2”. I downloaded this collection from the Knit Picks site. The headband is so cute, and I have high hopes for making a few more for Christmas gifts this year. I did however have some real problems with the pattern. I was able to make it work, but it wasn’t easy! Maybe it was me?

In other news, I received my free yarn from the Loopy Ewe for completing Camp Loopy 2013 successfully. There were three color ways to choose from, and I chose this pretty yarn “Blue Skies Over Colorado.” Need to think about what this will become. Something special I’m sure! It’s lace weight, which is something I haven’t really knit with that much.

Camp Loopy Yarn

I have picked out a Christmas stocking pattern to make for my niece. I hope to get started on that soon. Will post a picture . . . cute snowman! I think I have enough stash yarn to make it work!

Speaking of stash . . . I’ve had to restart my yarn diet. I made another Knit Picks order for some more of their wonderful Billow. I ordered three color ways of billow (three skeins each) but realized for the blanket I want to make (one giant cozy granny square), I’ll need more. So I ordered three more skeins of each color. Not entirely sure this will be enough, but we’ll see.

I also placed an order with Brooklyn Tweeds for the following lovelies . . .

Brooklyn Tweed

I plan to make some mittens for Anna and her roommate. Sort of UT colors . . . but not quite as bright. Parents Weekend is this coming weekend, so they won’t be ready by then. But maybe by the time the weather starts to really cool down.

A week from today I head to the TKGA Knit & Crochet show. Can’t wait!! I did my “homework” for the Knitting 911 class – fixing mistakes. Have to bring two swatches (one garter, one stockinette) – still on the needles. Two full days of knitting!! And of course the market – at which I will fall off the yarn diet wagon once again I’m sure. No need to even try to kid myself about this.

As for reading . . . not much done this week. Maybe next!

2 thoughts on “One FO and New Yarn

  1. I realized I need a yarn diet yesterday myself. I cannot buy another skein of sock yarn till I get this stuff knit! I really need to check out Camp Loopy next year. I have heard so many good things about it.

    • Donna. Camp Loopy was a lot of fun! lively Ravelry groups and great motivation to get projects finished! Good luck on the yarn diet . . . i’s not easy! 😉

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