So much for blogging regularly . . .

Despite my best intentions, it’s been weeks since I last blogged. Well over a month. Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been knitting though!

Biggest news since my last post was that I attended The Knitting Guild Association’s conference in Charlotte Oct 3 and 4th. I left for the conference on the 2nd after work. It only took two hours to get there. Part of the allure of the trip was getting away by myself for a couple of days, I admit!

I took four classes on that Thursday and Friday:

Continental Knitting
Double Knitting
Knitting 911 – Fixing Mistakes
Cabling without Cable Needles

All great classes – learned so much. And, I did gain some confidence – I could keep up with the instruction. Will definitely use a lot of what I learned. I’ve got my eye on the next TKGA conference in Manchester, NH next July. I’d like to be in a position to go to the Masters Day to get input on my level one work, but if not, there will be lots of great classes offered, I’m sure. The instructors were all super. It was cool meeting people whose names I’ve seen in “Cast On” and on a couple of the knitting books I already own!

Then there was the Market. The old yarn diet took a hit (and has since I got back!). Purchased some lovely yarns including the softest baby alpaca chunky that I used to make these:

two hour toe up

I can’t find the ball band right now – although I know I saved it! Will eventually post pics of the rest of my purchases. Oddly enough, I haven’t taken pictures yet! Maybe I’ll post as I work on projects.

I’ve made these before – Two Hour Toe Up Socks (above). Have not put any embellishments on them yet. I think these are for me, but I’m hoping to crank out a few more pairs for Christmas knitting.

Ah, Christmas knitting. I can now focus on this. I finally finished the crocheting on Nick’s flag afghan. Still need to do the stars, but now he has a blanket and I need to focus on gifts!

flag blanket no starts

Gifts I know I’m knitting:

Finishing a scarf for my Dad that I started ages ago
“Swallowtail” – a linen cowl from Quince and Co for my step mother
A Christmas stocking for my little niece

Anything else as time allows!

Have become addicted to the Knitmore Girls podcast and as such, have joined in the “Behm-Along”. I did the Hitchhiker during the summer, and am now working on Brickless.

Brickless 1

LOVE knitting this. Simple pattern using pretty yarn (my Lorna’s Laces Christmas at Downton). I also purchased a kit from Miss Babs for a Leftie. The Brickless and the Leftie will both be for me!!

Leftie 1

And I know I’ve said it before, I’ve got to stop buying yarn! I have plenty for Christmas knitting now and other fun projects.

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