Knitting New Year

Well, I’m never going to gain any traction with this blog if I write only every other month! I keep thinking about doing a podcast, but if I can’t keep up with a blog — that’s probably not going to happen!

I’ve had a serious case of “Startosis” the past couple of months. To quote the refrain heard all throughout the knitverse – “I WANT TO KNIT IT ALL!” And, I want it done really, really fast!

I had grand plans for year long gift knitting that really, as it turns out, don’t mesh well with the selfish knitting I want to do. The number of items that I’ve made and kept for myself is really pretty small. I don’t want to head into the fall season again without one nice cardigan, a couple of hats and fingerless gloves and cool scarves. And socks! Don’t forget the socks! I have three pairs of knitted socks to my name — and obviously need more. And thus, Ijoined two sock clubs: Socks that Rock and Cookie A.

Since January I have discovered (and purchased from) several new yarn companies: Knitters Brewing Company, Abstract Fibers, Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Dragonfly Fibers. I hope I got all those names right. There were also the odd purchases from Knit Picks. So I have have a beautiful stash!! Love to just go look at it.

Yarn Diet is imposed as of March 1st. So far, so good!

The startosis has left me with numerous projects on the needles. So, there really hasn’t been a lot of progress on anything. So I decided to take four projects and put them all into one big knitting basket, and the rest go into hibernation. My four active projects are now:

1. A second Brickless for myself made out of Madelintosh Pashmina in Iris. Pictures forthcoming. I’m on the 4th pattern repeats. It attacked me but good a couple of weeks ago, but we’re back on track.

2. A pair of vanilla socks in Lollipop Yarns “Happy Go Lucky” colorway. Oh, I just love Lollipop yarns. Feels like silk in your hands!! SOO hard to get a skein. Good think I’m on that yarn diet so I won’t be tempted to try!

3. A preemie hat. I’ve decided to knit some preemie hats for the Duke NICU. I have finished knitting one in “Blush” a pale pick in Knit Picks Brava. I have a whole bunch of Knit Picks Brava for preemie hats. Next up is a yellow. These are quick knits.

4. I got to cast on one new project last night – Waving Lace Top. This one is in Dream in Color Smooshy with cashmere. Nice summery top. The color is “Starless Sky” – just love that.

So when I’m done the Brickless – I will pick up and finish either my Leftie, new Color Affection or the 2nd Hitchhiker. The socks will be replaced with socks (a pair in Knit Picks Felici, another lollipop pair and one Sock Club socks). Hopefully this will give me enough variety.

I did set aside one other pair of socks from the February Cookie A club – just about to do the heel flap on the first one. So if I get totally bored with my four active projects, I can work on those.

Now for a couple photos of items finished in 2014 so far:

A pair of mittens for me. Got this yarn from Vermont Wood company on Etsy. Love, love. love it!

yellow mitts

When I visited my daughter last weekend, she was eyeing them! But, she’s already stolen one pair of mittens!! Fun socks in Felici “Cheer” by Knit Picks:

2nd pair felici vanilla

I’ll take some update photos of my other projects and post soon!

As for reading, I just started “Death by Food Pyramid” – supposed to be very good. I may need to pick up some other light reading a long with this!

Happy Knitting to All!!

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