Knitting Discipline

Last week I laid out my plan to get my startosis problem under control – and hopefully to start to see some progress on my projects and get some finished objects to show off soon. I gave each of my Top Four a little love this week. So — progress but still — it will be sometime before these are finished since I’m still not being monogamous to any of them!

The Brickless – just finished the fourth section and will start the fifth lacey part tonight. This pattern is so easy to memorize. It’s perfect knitting for TV watching. And it’s SOOO pretty. I do love knitting it. I just saw a picture of a finished Leftie in the Ravelry groups – so of course I want to go and work on that one now. But NO!! It has to wait!!

Brickless March 17

My Lollipop yarn sock is coming right along . . . just working down the foot toward the toe. I hope I don’t end up with 2nd sock syndrome!! Socks are pretty good TV knitting as well – but I do forget where I am on the gusset sometimes — Did I just do an increase row??

Sock Update

Got a slow start on my Waving Lace Top . . . long rows. Progress will be slow no matter what!

Waving Lace Top One

I’ve recruited my sister to crochet some preemie caps for me. Man did she whip off this little green cap in about a half an hour! It’s soo cute! I had to re-start my yellow cap. Knitting attack – a bunch of stitches fell off the needles and I wasn’t able to recoup!

Preemie Update 2

I FINALLY made one of the Cookie A recipes this weekend. The Chocolate Crinkles . . . they are delicious and addicting. I have eaten WAY too many of these.

Cookie A Cookies Feb

Haven’t done much reading. My daughter came home for a few days – we watched a lot of old movies from when the kids were babies. They were soooo cute!! Just squeezable. Glad I did squeeze them a lot when I had the chance! Also saw Evita on Saturday night – quite enjoyable.

Happy Knitting this week!!!

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