Lovely Little Sweater

Yellow sweater finished

In just about two weeks I’m finally going to get to meet my step-sister’s baby!! Her parents are really great about putting gorgeous pictures of her on Facebook and Instagram, showing off her amazing smile and eyes. I can’t wait to meet her in person!! I’m bringing her the pretty little sweater shown above. It’s “In Threes” on Ravelry. Super easy to knit. I used some Cascade 220 “Quattro” that I purchased at Yarns Etc last summer during their Christmas in July sale. I bought it precisely to make something for Miss Nora and here it finally is.

This is my first attempt at sewing in a grosgrain button band. Not half bad, if I do say so myself! And now I have the beginnings of a grosgrain stash! The little bumble bee buttons are just too cute for words. Can’t wait to give it to her — and to see her model it!! I’m sure I’ll take lots of photos.

That’s it for finished objects lately . . . other than a couple of single socks and some preemie hats — all of which have ends that need to be woven in. I want to make a couple more preemie hats before delivering them to Duke’s NICU. I did try an after-thought heel on one of the socks, and it worked out really well – I used a “rip cord” method so I didn’t need to cut my knitting. It’s great for self-striping yarn – doesn’t break up the pattern.

I still have several socks on the needles, a lace top for myself, a sweater for my husband, a couple shawls. They will all get finished eventually. Problem is I have such beautiful yarn in my stash, I don’t want to wait to knit with any of it!!

I purchased some Addi Sock Rocket needles – LOVE THEM. Ordered a couple more pairs today. I got a couple in 40″ so I can try my hand at making two socks at a time. Talk about smooth. I don’t know if they really make you knit you faster, but I was sure knitting happier with them!

Finally . . . two Christmases ago I knit up a zebra hat and mittens for my nephew who loves zebras. Here are my improvised zebra mittens:


Well, I was browsing on the Knitter’s Brewing Company website and found zebra dyed yarn to make:

Zebra socks

There’s a little ruffle at the top which I’ll leave off for him. But this is soo cool!!

Haven’t done much reading lately. BUT, my son informed me last night that he’d read “Of Mice and Men” in school and he proceeded to give me an analysis of the book. I was dumb-struck!!! I’ve been waiting for one of my kids to find literature as exciting as I do!!! Happy day for sure!

Happy Knitting All!!

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