Everyone Else Has One

The day before Mother’s Day I was out shopping with my daughter.  We stopped in AC Moore for a minute – not for anything knitting related, but I did find myself over in the yarn section somehow.  I hadn’t really been looking for it, but noticed they had some of the Patons Kroy sock yarn in Blue Striped Rag (I think that’s the name) that it seems like EVERYONE has been knitting.  When my back was turned, somehow two balls ended up in my basket!!  What do you know?!

Since I had the yarn anyway, the next day I cast on for a pair of socks.  I did top down with an after-thought heel.  By the magic of Mother’s Day I knit almost a whole sock in one day!  All but the heel.  The next day I cast on the second one, and 8 days later ended up with a pair. 


I have to say, I’m not sure how I feel about the after-thought heel.  My first attempt was a few weeks ago (on a sock that still needs a mate)


I followed the pattern as it was written. The one modification I made was to knit 6 full rounds on the heel before starting the decrease (I did this for the Patons Kroy socks) rather than the 3 in the pattern. With three, the heel feels a bit tight. So I’ve been researching other heel constructions and would like to try the Sweet Tomato by Cat Bordhi. Seems straightforward enough. I’d also like to create a more rounded toe. More research.

The one other sock I completed recently is an ankle sock made out of Fab Funky Fibres sock yarn in Camp Fire. This yarn is gorgeous. The picture doesn’t do the colors justice – and soft! Love it!! I’ve got another skein on the way in a self-striping that I know I won’t be able to resist casting on right away!!

Orange Sock

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us – and my trip to see my Dad and my little niece! Can’t wait!! The second orange sock will be my travel companion . . . depending on how much I get done before I leave, I may need to bring something else.

All I’m reading lately is knitting books!! Patterns at that!! Trying to come up with a theme for summer reading – maybe the Summer of Jane Austin?? Or something like that!!

4 thoughts on “Everyone Else Has One

  1. Your socks look great. I, too, am thinking about playing around with heel and toe construction. I did an afterthought heel once, but usually stick with short rows and heel flap – they feel more substantial to me. Sock knitting is so addicting, isn’t it?

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