Hattie Mae Knits

Welcome to Hattie Mae Knits. 

It took me a LONG time to come up witha name for this blog.  I went through several changes.  Most of the names I tried out were already taken.  Lots of blogs out there with really cute takes on the word “knit” and its variations! 

I decided then to incorporate some family names.  Hattie is my great grandmother, and is also a nickname for Harriet.  My aunt Harriet was the best!!  Mae is my grandmother’s middle name.  I thought Hattie Mae sounded like a great knitter.  Although none of the woman this blog is named for actually did knit!!  But they were all terrific!

This blog is going to record my progress as I work hard to improve my knitting skills.  Eventually I want to pass the TKGA Master Class.  Big goal!  But I’m taking classes at my LYS, doing a lot of reading and internet research about stitches and techniques and, most of all, doing a lot of knitting. 


2 thoughts on “Hattie Mae Knits

    • Hattie is my great-grandmother and Mae is my grandmother’s middle name. I thought they sounded nice together!

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